Meteor Stone is a company located in Perth, Western Australia, that provides the highest quality of natural stone products currently available in the market. Our great reputation for innovation and superior quality began in 1981, proving to Perth and other regions in Australia that natural stone is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also consistently dimensional and easy to use. Regardless of who you are, our company does not consider any project as too big or too less and we do our best in trying to achieve professional service and strive for satisfying every customer needs and wants as we regard customer satisfaction very highly.

We have been successful in achieving our vision, which is to promote the benefits of Western Australian natural stones to national and international markets and to lead the industry by continually setting higher benchmarks in quarrying, processing and marketing. Moreover, we have highly talented and fully trained work teams on site of all quarries in order to aid and guide our customers in any way possible, helping them choose the right natural stones for their cladding needs in Perth.

Specialised in many different products and services, Meteor Cladding provides a wide array of products with one of the unique products and services provided our highly esteemed company is the cladding of natural stones. Stone cladding, as explained in simple terms, is a thin layer of real or simulated stone, which is applied to a building or other structural concept made of material other than stone. It is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings, as part of its original architectural design. Our teams will try our very best in guiding you in determining different factors. The factors include but are not limited to things such as the physical properties of the stone, the design and safety factors for cladding, the height above the ground at which the panel is to be installed and the effects of thermal expansion or contraction, seismic movements, wind sway, creep and shrinkage.

With our wide assortment of natural stones to choose from, stone cladding in Perth is ideal for both residential and commercial establishments, allowing you to create the perfect look, whether it be to renovate the exterior of your residential establishment or to achieve an extravagant look to a commercial establishment. Apart from the obvious aesthetic consequences that follow with great stone cladding, the weight of our cladding is much less than the weight of full sized stones. Consequently, stone cladding is much lighter and you can usually safely add to existing structures without too much concern over added weight.

Although sandstone is usually the most common type of natural stone used for cladding, Limestone is another natural sandstone used for cladding and stone walls. Limestone is an extremely versatile building material and the limestone cladding in Perth is generally quite popular. The limestone cladding service offered by us in Perth allows for many different internal and external applications that add a highly aesthetic look to even the dullest of areas, ensuring that your area looks great and beautiful. On top of that, limestone provides great durability and strength when used against any wall or pavement. The cladding when used with the natural limestone provides rich textures, which when combined with the colors can create an appealing and unique finish.

To draw to a close, Meteor Stone is one of the best in their cladding services in Perth, Western Australia. Stone cladding is a very competent natural stone used for cladding and it is something in which we excel in. Our comprehensive list of stones available for cladding in Perth will satisfy all of our clients’ cladding related needs and wants, allowing us to be a leader in our highly competitive industry.